Sunday, July 03, 2005

The Button

The Button
Originally uploaded by doctorlizardo.
I don't know what this anonymous button was for, but I sure as heck wanted to push it.

TheLimey has suggested that it begs for a story/stories to be written about it.

So, whaddaya got?


argotnaut said...

Is that in a bus shelter? In Chicago, the button would turn on the heat for five minutes or so at a time.

Gwen said...

I think it has something to do with Dr. Who.

liz said...

Heat, eh?

Prosaic, yet a lot more useful than something to cause a great big explosion.

If only it were a TARDIS. I'd get home a lot faster.

I cAn rEaD said...

Tardis 2000 running on a central server can be used as a master time source for the domain by running the appropriate version of Tardis or K9 on the other workstations.
Which means I get the cool sensation of wind running through my hair.
With burning paper in hand, "WHERE IS THE FAX MACHINE???"
When I push the button I get a stream of consciousness I think.

liz said...

You are SO weird! ;)

You better show up for my "party". So, when are you sending (or posting on that website) your RSVP?

Tim said...

Oh, that's a Magrathean Abort Cube.

You stand in the box, push the button, and everything outside the box disappears -- reverting back to a state of nothingness as before. Essentially, erasing this model of our earth.

The instructions once said:

1. Please keep all arms and legs inside the cube.

2. Do not depress the Abort Button more than once.

3. Some dizziness and disorientation may occur.

4. If Abort Button is unintentionally depressed, please contact our customer service hotline, at zedzedalpha315.

brainhell said...

Psychology experiment. Seek hidden camera.