Monday, March 07, 2005

While traveling the 20 minutes or so from my place to TheLimey's last Friday (as is our wont), we saw a new antiques store (Near the Lord Fox, as matter of fact) that was open although it's a pretty rural location and it was after dark. We went in and perused their books, and he bought me two "antique" science magazines, one from 1948 and one from 1953.

Now that I don't have them with me, I can't remember which they were--Popular Science might have been one. Was the other Science and Mechanics? Anyway, they have really cool covers mainly depicting the kind of future that Americans were imagining at the time. Rockets and flying cars aplenty! I wanted to scan them immediately, but after some agonizing had decided not to bring my beloved scanner with me for the weekend. I regretted it immediately, as those covers are pretty damn cool.

Now I have them scanned, but have not had time to touch them up and smallify the files and so on. They would make fantastic posters.

One of the mags has an article about how to make one's own Ice Box or "Freezer" in order to take advantage of summer's cornucopia in the winter, and the other has an article about a way to Motorize a Wheel Chair.


Tim said...

I always thought the magazine covers for Pop Science were kind of cool. And now, you can buy them through their on-line store as prints!

I would like to know why technologists thought we were going to be using rockets and plane-cars by the year 2000 though? That was pretty damned optimistic. We still don't even have widespread hybrid cars for Pete's sake.

argotnaut said...

Christ a'mighty -- I'm glad we don't. I'd hate to see all of those cell-phone-talking, radio-fiddling, hamburger-munching morons trying to navigate in THREE dimensions!