Monday, March 14, 2005

Okay, okay—now to the big stuff you’ve been waiting for. In reviewing my blog, I see that it’s hard not to notice the increasing presence of TheLimey over the past year. So it may not be an incredible revelation to learn that we recently decided to—ah, merge our files, as it were. (Probably late this summer.) I’d post the obligatory photo of the ring, but that part of the process is still being worked on. Let’s just say the decision involved a clipboard, an engineer pen, and a graphic representation of a timeline, rather than the default knee-ring sequence. (This really shouldn’t surprise anyone who knows either of us.)

I’m reasonably certain he was convinced by my inventing the onion-marmite-cream cheese bagel, whereas I was convinced by the three dry-erase boards in his home office (featuring short-term, intermediate, and long-term goals).


Gwen said...

Congratulations! I was sad to read that you didn't get an internship for this year, but I am happy that it is being balanced by other happier news.

I don't know the Limey, but he seems like a nice fellow (and he can make a curry, which is never to be glossed over). I don't know you either, for that matter. For all it's worth, from the far reaches of the snowy Saskatchewan plains, I think that you'll do well together. Felicitations.

Andrew said...

I did already hear about this from a highly-placed source, but nevertheless, best wishes! (Technically I think it's "congratulations" to the groom-to-be -- i.e., "you lucky dog" -- and "best wishes" to the bride-to-be -- i.e. "good luck.")

I'm very happy for you both. But I must insist that at some point the Limey get down one knee and do it properly. Proposing, that is. This act vastly increases the chances of success. Believe me, I know.

Liddy said...

Whee! Congrats to you two.
Sorry it took me a bit of retro-blog-reading to get to it, or I would have said something sooner. In any case, although I don't actually know you, I'm happy for you and wish you the best.

liz said...

Thanks! :)

Well, I may have put it underneath some other blogs that were posted the same day.

I figured if I put it at the top, no one would read about dumb ol' Florida or squirrels or whatever, but if i put it underneath, those who normally read those things would eventually get to the juicy gossip part as a sort of reward.