Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Top Songs of the Parking Lot Next Door in the Middle of the Night

1. I Didn’t Do Nothin’ to You, Baby

2. CRUNNCCHHH (tinkle tinkle)

3. Oh My God, My Dad’s Gonna Kill Me

4. No, You Shut Up

5. What Did I Do? You Tell Me, What Did I Do?

6. Who Do You Think You’re Talkin’ To?

7. Dude, She’s Not Worth It

8. Blluuuuaaaaaeehhhhhh…..

9. Yeah, You Go Ahead and Call the Cops

10. I Told You Man, It’s Not Mine


Liddy said...


Number one on my street:
Hey! Hey! Heeeeeyyyy!

Eric said...

There were an "interesting" couple living across the street from my sister's previous house. One night while the police were taking the boyfriend away, the underage, pregnant girlfriend yelled, "I ain't sucking no more dick!"

Eric said...


liz said...

Ah, to air one's dirty laundry in public.

liz said...

(Were/was: since we're in the US, I know you want to make it "was",but since the blogging community is so British, I think it's okay to use "were"!)

brainhell said...

You forgot:

"F*** you!"
No, f*** YOU!"
"F*** YOU, man!"
"No, f*** YOU!"
"F*** you TOO!"
"Yeah, well F*** you!"

liz said...

Not so much "forgot" as "purposely omitted", perhaps.

Tim said...

It's the things I don't hear that worry me. Like when you glance out a window, only to realize that the drunk guy is whizing on your lawn before he climbs into his truck.

dank said...

Leapin' lemurs!

That was funny.

Andrew said...

What's worse is when you realize that the guy you remember peeing on the lawn and then staggering into his truck and driving off has now been elected President of the United States.