Monday, February 07, 2005

Placed my ranked list of internship sites into the mouth of the Great Internship Ranking Program today. I hope it spits out the Ohio site, since Erie PA is not only depressing, but twice as far away. The Great Spittage begins on February 25th, when we discover whether or not we were matched to a site. Then, inexplicably, it waits until the 27th to tell us what site that might be.

Of course that weekend is the same weekend I will be in Florida at the Uppity Women Psychologists' annual conference presenting a paper on my research.

I don't feel too worried about the internship matching thing--not because I don't care about the outcome, which will determine a lot of my plans for quite a while--but because it's completely out of my hands at this point. I did the years of work, I underwent the application process, I did my best at the interviews, and now I'm done with my part. (Unless I don't get matched, but then there's nothing more to do until next autumn.)

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