Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Besides the squirrel-feeding trip, the weekend included one breakfast of Heinz beans and toast (prepared by Chef Limey, imported beans bought specially by me at the British imports section of Meijer), another breakfast delivered by a local Mexican restaurant (though I went traditional American and got pancakes and eggs), an afternoon at the Ugly Mug internet cafe, intermittent viewing of Jeeves and Wooster*, some moderate Meatball viewing (" 'Super ... bowl?' Wot's one of those?") with some colleagues of mine who were luckily more interested in chatting and drinking than in the game, and once or twice waking up before sunrise without the alarm (now that's an accomplishment!).

On the technological front, I figured out how to get those passport photos taken at home to print out razor-sharp, and I also spent some time finally burning a couple CDs and using my dorky (but fun!) little Afterburner CD-labeler. (While fuming at Amazon for posting "lables" on their listings for certain CD label packages.)

I tried to get TheLimey to post this in his blog, but since it's already two days later I've grown impatient and will post it myself. I agreed to take the Geek Test, which is (fittingly) in Excel spreadsheet format. Apparently it's from a friend of his back home who is about to marry someone who is a huge geek and scored an extraordinary, unheard-of 65% on this test! So, anyway. I took it and achieved a 75%. I guess TheLimey now has something to either brag about or cry into his beer over.

We found ourselves arguing over whether it was valid to check "yes" to a question about having attempted to build a robot, since we have not yet actually opened the box with the robot in it. Finally we decided that in the interests of absolute scientific accuracy, we can't take that point until we open the box and begin the actual building. (I think we should probably be gifted/penalized with more points, simply for worrying about whether or not that counted!)

I will let TheLimey tell you his own score. Let's just say I was surprised--not about either score particularly, but about our scores relative to one another.

*Punctuated amusingly by Someone's alternating great booming laughter and interjections of "Idiot!"


Andrew said...

The Horse Brass Pub here in Portland, OR, features a traditional English breakfast during Saturday/Sunday morning football (not meatball) pitches. I tried the Heinz beans on toast once but couldn't see the attraction...perhaps I needed some special sauce of some kind (besides Fuller's ESB, of course).

The "Jeaves and Wooster" series with Stephen Fry and wazhizzname (who now plays the eponymous "House" on TV) are good. Nobody does that combination of silly/vacuous quite like the Brits...no offence to the Limey.

liz said...

Ours also involved eggs and A1 sauce. I felt it was just the kind of thing to eat before setting out on any kind of expedition.

(I'm afraid TheLimey can't watch Hugh Laurie on House without bursting into incredulous laughter. Kind of ruins the drama.)