Monday, February 28, 2005

Circumstances demand that I cannibalize an email to Argotnaut for a scrap of content:

I'm in the midst of the harrowing process of Internship
. It's where all the leftover applicants who didn't
get an internship placement grovel via email to all the sites
that didn't get a match. I have been camped out at the visibly
smoky Internet cafe for 12 hours now, waiting with email fax and
phone at the ready, and I'll be back tomorrow morning.

Only one person from my program got matched. Nobody wants
students from a non-accredited site, but APA won't accredit us
until we have students in all levels of the program, including

I have applied to everything that isn't military or prison. Even
one in British Columbia. Even working with kids! In New Orleans!
For peanuts! (Almost literally.) I
am feeling kind of pessimistic, but maybe that's just the
aftermath of sending out 30 or so applications in 12 hours.

The site stats say there were 669 unmatched applicants, and 309
unmatched positions. So I guess all I can do now is wait. Bleh!

...The Florida conference was good, my presentation went extremely well, and I was accepted into the sisterhood of the crone or something. Tampa was rainy and temperate: in other words, perfect. Also took many pictures. Wanted to update about it, but Clearinghouse has taken over my life for a few days. Now I've been here for so long that it's time to go home and go to bed so I can come back here in the morning. Gah.


argotnaut said...

Wait, is that the thing where if you win, Ed McMahon comes to your door with the Prize Patrol? And is he even still alive?

liz said...

What, the Sisterhood of the Crone? --Oh, you mean Clearinghouse. Yeah, unfortunately it's not Publisher's Clearinghouse but APA Internship Clearinghouse.

It's very similar, but instead of someone coming to my door to give me an oversized check, I basically get the mental equivalent of someone kicking me in the stomach several times a day.

And instead of media attention, I get snubbed by even the crappiest of internship sites.

Andrew said...

Sounds like you you could use an internship at the Sisterhood of the Scone! At least you're waiting at a cafe...I hope they have good coffee.

Maybe you could intern in Heidelberg from April through July!

liz said...

The Internet Cafe just kicked me out. They had to close because there is something wrong with their electrical system and they were going to close down for the afternoon to get it fixed.

I truly wish there were acceptable overseas internships--one of my colleagues has already looked into it (having a German fiancee) and there aren't any. (If there were, they would doubtless not be APA approved.)

Now *I'm* a wet blanket!