Friday, January 15, 2010

Edith Keeler Must Die!

Greatly enjoyed seeing City on the Edge of Tomorrow, a Season 1 Star Trek I must have missed back in the day.  Didn't know that a) Joan Collins was in it, and b) Harlan Ellison wrote it.  Neat-o!  Now must research whether he wrote any other of the Season 1 episodes.


Andrew said...

One of my favorites. I don't think he wrote any other eps. I'm shocked it was new to you, though. It's pretty well known. To us nerds, that is.

liz said...

I guess I did know about an episode that H.E. had written, and I had seen clips of this episode and knew it was famous. However, I somehow never connected the two.

You have to remember that I last saw most of this season's episodes when I was about six...and I remember most of them. I think I missed this one. Probably had to go to bed early that day or something.