Thursday, March 27, 2008

Was Your Day Better Than This?

Last night Limelet was awake from 3:30 to 4:30, which all things considered is really not the worst night ever, but still I had a really hard time getting myself up in the morning for work and an even harder time getting out of the house.  He's really cranky and clingy when he's tired (got it from me, most likely.)

I had a client right at 8, and made it to the Center just at 8 myself, minus makeup as usual.  So there I was in my somewhat dark office, trying eat some string cheese (breakfast) and add a dash of makeup before the client arrived.
"Your client has arrived.  Your client has arrived," announced my desktop computer, as I hastily applied lipstick and darkened my eyebrows.  As I stood up to go to the lobby to get her, I checked my application in my powder mirror by the light of my coffee table lamp. 
It was then that I realized that instead of my usual subtle brown eyebrow pencil, I had grabbed a blue eyeliner pencil.  My eyebrows were a lovely bright blue.
Just as I assumed a horror-stricken expression, a colleague knocked on my door asking questions about some project we're working on.  I shielded my eyebrows with my hands while impressing on her that I was in a hurry.  This probably looked really odd, which you can tell if you try doing it yourself.
I think I managed to get most of it off before seeing the client, but who knows.  Maybe she just thought it was a new therapy trend, or (more likely) that it was a weird "old people" trend for the over-40 set.


FOBpsychologist said...

Unfortunately, it was worse. Sigh!! I attended a trauma workshop which triggered an anxiety attack (IDK why), then dealt with some really intense client problems, and locked myself out of my apartment and car. And of course freaked out periodically.

argotnaut said...

Well, we _did_ have a 4 AM pet emergency that day, but no makeup malfunctions.

Anonymous said...

I hope I do see an "old people trend" of blue eyebrows - matches the hair!

I once sprayed hairspray under my arms instead of deodorant while in a hurry. I didn't really notice what I had done until I started to sweat and my skin stuck together making it difficult to lift my arms. I promptly smelled under my pits and when I got a whiff of Bold Hold, I understood my mistake.