Thursday, March 13, 2008

Public Figure (?)

I'm realizing that people see me and recognize me in public, so I better make sure I walk my talk.
A young woman came into my office today with a big hunk of fabric today asking me how to wrap her baby in it.  She'd previously been to one of my babywearing talks, but I guess the thing that led her to try it out for herself was seeing me at the grocery store wearing a contented Limelet in one of my wraps.  (Her baby had been teething and doesn't want to be put down, which in my experience makes it hard to even go to the bathroom.)
And TheLimey told me that a woman from the library playgroup recognized--well, not me, but Limelet, and assumed (correctly) who I was.  Again at the grocery store.
So if those two people saw me, then I'm sure others have as well: I just heard about those two. 
Gosh, does this mean that I have to try to look good, or at least less bad, before going to the grocery store?  'Cause it's not likely to happen.


Anonymous said...

Remember, you have the illusion body so you look good all the time.

Karen the Californian said...

That's neat!

liz said...

Well, my hair always looks insane any more, and if I wear any makeup it's lipstick that I just slap on at work before my clients arrive. Also, I have Brooke Shields eyebrows.

I hear that as your kids get older, your grooming gets better.