Tuesday, November 13, 2007

That's It

Finished the contents and the appendices and so forth.
I'm scared to send it out!


argotnaut said...


That must be a weird change.

liz said...

It really is.

This has been occupying our every weekend and non-work moment for two years--and before that, it was my thesis. (And apps.)

Now, I do have to schedule and mount a dissertation defense.

But other than that, I can start to do all the stuff I haven't done in probably four years or so, and certainly for the duration of our marriage.

Like both of us being on baby duty at once. Like being able to pick up toys in the living room and it's not 5am or 12midnight. Going to the library together one weekend day, or putting a DVD on and sitting down. (At the same time, and on the same sofa.) One of us being able to cook something, as the other can take care of Limelet. Phone calls, even! Who knows?

Tim said...

Congrats. I'm sure the defense won't be a big deal, so just enjoy some much deserved family time!

Andrew said...

Homer Simpson voice: "Seeeeeeeend it!"

liz said...

Oh, it's sent. The email copies, at any rate. I just have to find time to print, have copied, and mail out the hard copies now.

It's just too bad that I initially included the wrong abstract in my title / contents page. When I realized that, I just sent another one a few hours later, so--oh well. Whatever.

liz said...

So which one of these am I?

Liddy said...

Yay!!! Enjoy not knowing what to do with yourself. I do!