Monday, November 26, 2007

"She Liked Her Mother..."

Well geez, I guess that's about all a person's feelings of guilt might allow him to say about the harm he'd done his daughter if he had done something like this.

What seems odd is that some coverage completely omits that statement as well as the discussion about the wife leaving him, which in domestic violence circles is pretty well-known as the most potentially dangerous time in a relationship.


Liddy said...

zecuppu! hee hee hee.
i like it too.

Anonymous said...

I like how he "just lost it"...with a chin-up bar. Whatever happened to just losing it and slamming a door or screaming into your pillow? This stuff gives me nightmares.

argotnaut said...

Yes, I noticed that too. "She liked that ping-pong table, and now she has no ping-pong table. Sorry."

liz said...

"Whoops!" [shrugs]