Sunday, September 10, 2006

Shot of Whiskey?

My herbal childbearing book says that one way to slow or stall labor is to have a shot of whiskey. TheLimey believes that this is actually meant to be given to the husband.

Now, I don't know if it's anything yet, but I've been having a whole lot more of these pre-labor (as if there's a sharp dividing line!) contractions today than any time during the past week or so. My mantra has been "But It Could Still Be Another Week or Two." (That and, "But I'm Not Ready Yet!")

I'm posting this just so that Argot can have a post to which to reply and let people know the outcome, in case I do go in. I'm sure as heck not gonna be bloggin'. (I imagine.)

I have been trying to arrange for the traditional womenfolk relations to be around for some of this, as "the materials" say to have someone help the new mum out for three weeks. I don't know about three weeks, but maybe we can get two.

It looks like my stepmom may be able to come out for a few days, perhaps after TheLimey's week off runs out, or maybe with some overlap. Which means I can delay being alone for a while longer, which I really do want to do.

Also, I was initially thinking of having no one but the two of us for the actual birth (too crowded!)--unless Argot could get across country somehow, which she can't--but then I remembered that my aunt has had three natural births of her own. And since I have heard several women (including our birth instructor) say that there's something especially helpful about having a woman there who has gone through it herself, I am now trying to get her out here for the pre-birth segment, and maybe the birth. If it can wait until Tuesday.

Waiter! Where's my whiskey?!


Anonymous said...

A few days? I'm planning to stay till the kid goes off to college and I go too!
Granny Scroggins

Tim said...

Okay, see, I saw a comment and immediately thought there was news. Now I'll have to go back to waiting.

liz said...

Okay, no baby yet. Midwife says things are ripening up nicely in there, but the contractions have spaced out again to about 2-4 per hour, which could go on indefinitely. (Even weeks if necessary.)

I'd rather have a long, easy labor than a fast, hard labor, anyway.

At least the pre-labor contractions (as they are now calling them, though there's really no sharp dividing line) have brought the baby down and turned it around in preparation. Now my belly apparently looks really funny to others.

argotnaut said...

The suspense is killing me!