Friday, September 29, 2006

Babymoon Hiatus

As you may have noticed, I'm not online much these days. Too much going on to write about it. I barely even check my email every few days.

For now, laters.


Tim said...

As everyone knows my favorite holiday (Halloween) is coming up, which leads me to ask -- "are you going to get Limelite costumed-up for his first big holiday? And if so, what is he going to be?"

liz said...

A baby.

Very "Purloined Letter," don't you think?

Well, okay, we do have a little stripey Jack Skellington suit he got as a gift. But he'll be wearing it...what, at home for Mummy to take pictures of, I guess...?

Tim said...

A Skellington suit? That's awesome. Yes, you should take pictures. And share them.

Gwen said...

Sprout is insisting on dressing as a 'nectarine pit' for Halloween.

Don't ask me. I can't explain it. (I just get to make the costume...)