Wednesday, May 24, 2006

@merican 1d0l

I hate that BS. And I am so sick of it being everywhere. I can't believe someone is spamming my blog about it, no less.

Did you hear that the number of people who voted for this dumb thing last night is nearly the same number that voted for each candidate in the last presidential election? (That should tell us something about the results of elections in general, too.)

Occasionally I have watched part of the initial program, in which they're in a mall (or whatever) and scads of random people come in to try to qualify. It's funny because of the really, really bad ones. But even those still make one cringe in embarrassment.


Tim said...

Trying living in Richmond! Elliot, one of the finalists, is from here. For months, it's been the front page item in every paper. It's totally annoying.

liz said...

I'm mainly annoyed that it's even sneaking into the non-mainstream media that we generally adhere to.

Et tu, NPR?!