Monday, May 08, 2006

Maybe I Was Wrong

After hearing the Colbert roast of Bush, I wish I could remember in which class we learned about the greater number of neurons in the gut than the brain. Because I passed that on to my own students. They probably think now that not only was I wrong about that (and I still don't know if it is true or not), but that it casts doubt on my entire philosophy.

And tangentially, two organizations in which I can't participate fully for at least another year.

However, for a limited time I could be in this activity, if we held one around here. (Notice I said could, not will.) It doesn't really seem like an equal trade...


Tim said...

I joined the local chapter of Drinking Liberally back in the fall, but they've apparently lost their leadership and stopped holding meetings here. How interesting, I just realized how much that shadows the Democractic Party itself.

liz said...

I guess we have to get these kinds of things going again ourselves.

...Geez, do we the people have to do EVERYTHING ourselves?!

Maybe it's because rich people hire people to do their everyday stuff, so they actually have time to organize.

Andrew said...

Wow, could it be possible that getting drunk and bitching about the government to a bunch of other drunks actually gets old pretty quick?

"The government? Whoa-hoooooo. Don't get me started on the government!" -- Homer Simpson

liz said...

Now I feel awful and wish I could poke out my mind's eye. I typed in "pregn@nt b1k1n1 c0ntest" to Google, for no real reason.

The first couple sites listed were like that one above. Things that could be (and were) listed under "community, entertainment, b@thing suits." Exploitative, but the women looked like they were having a good time and thought it all pretty silly.

Then ALL the rest of the links were obviously going to be p@rn if you clicked on them. Which I did not, in order to save my sanity.

I really shouldn't be surprised. However, I feel sick seeing listings so MANY really bad, horrible, cruel things some people want to do to a) women in general and b) women who are pregn@nt. In the name of s*x.

I think I won't leave the house now. Like, for the rest of my life.

liz said...

Oh yeah, and as Henry Ward Beecher said: "The worst thing in this world, next to anarchy, is government."