Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Aquifer and Conifer...

...The two lovely terms from my undergrad science course that I have been saving for about ten years to use as names for girls... probably not going to use them after all. Darn.

That was a really great general science course. I remember things from it almost daily. The instructor was the hugest geek possible, so I think he really knew his stuff. I especially enjoyed playing Fish Banks and Strategem, games which I intend to find an excuse to purchase for my own classes someday--to illustrate economic principles, of course.

Anyway, I've been thinking about hydrogeology again today, as one does. The information about our shrinking aquifers really stuck with me all this time, and I think subliminally informs my ideas about where I want to live eventually. Not that there is any place really safe from our water-strip-mining, but some places are already a lot worse than others (>cough< Colorado River area >cough<).


liz said...

Oops; looks like he spells it "StratAgem." (Hopefully for some clever reason and not simply a misspelling.)

No wonder it's so hard to find online.

Tim said...

Apparently, there's another game called StrataGem that has something to do with being a jewel thief. Anywho, assuming you've played it, how does StratAgem compare to something similar like Civilization?

liz said...

I haven't played Civilization; I don't really know much about its background.

Stratagem is certainly less of a game type game--more of a training simulation for policymaking. I think it was developed by a professor of economics (or similar).

It's been used for...something like... was it UN training sessions maybe? As I hear it, the quote overheard at the end of one day of such gaming was "Well, now we know what we did wrong in Brazil."