Monday, November 14, 2005

I'm So Envious

It's official: TheLimey's smaller-every-day company has been forced to downsize to the point where he has been "made redundant" (or "laid off" as we say in Americanish).

However, he has a great attitude (and a great wife, just by the way, if I do say so) and is looking at it as a chance to direct his career into a more desirable course.

Whereas I'm looking at it as "dangit, he gets to stay home and lie in, should he so desire, and I don't!" I'm mainly hoping he will catch the blogging community up on everything we've been doing, since I don't have time, and he has a nice new laptop that is brutally powerful. (He should blog about it.)

I finally got most of my internship applications sent out over the weekend, so there is one less giant sword hanging directly over my head. There are a couple I'm holding back to see if I get any other interviews first, since they have later application dates and are ones I'd really rather not do if not absolutely necessary. (In fact there's one I might decide to skip entirely.)

Ironic points about the timing of the redundant/layoff thing:

1. TheLimey was so gratified to be able to finally provide me with health insurance via our marriage, and then almost immediately we both lose it--is it my curse??

2. I limited my internship applications to give-or-take a 150 mile radius, and now we could pretty much go anywhere if we really wanted to--now that it's too late to send them out nationwide. Rats, fooey.

We've done a few of those "find your best places to live!" location finders, and have come up with Colorado and Connecticut (and some other New England states) at the top. But it's really way too soon to tell, and we haven't done more in-depth research about the places yet.


argotnaut said...

You can still get health insurance. You HAVE to have it. I don't know how much COBRA would cost for you, but if it's too much, there are places that sell reasonably-priced policies for individuals.

Tim said...

I'm sorry to hear that The Limey got down-sized, particularly when you just passed the internship window. I've been in that situation before, and it really sucks.

I am with Argotnaut though. You should get insurance if you can afford it. I did the Cobra thing when I left my last job, and it's kind of expensive to pay out-of-pocket, so you might want to use that for a few months while you search for an individual policy.

Okay, back to the boxes.

argotnaut said...

You should get insurance _especially_ if you can't afford it! If you can't afford insurance, you _really_ can't afford an uninsured catastrophic health incident.

liz said...

I was hoping this would become a moot point, and it has--as he had an interview the same week and was offered a job pretty much immediately. So, now he's in the enviable position of enjoying a couple weeks off without the anxiety of trying to find a new job!

Tim said...

Don't you just hate people like that? Oh, okay, I guess you don't, since he's your guy and all. But you know what I mean.

liz said...

I'm mainly just hoping the luck will rub off, so to speak.