Sunday, October 23, 2005

Word Recognition

I don't know if it's just Blogger all over, but I just tried 9 times to "login-and-comment" on someone's site, and it kept looping back and making me redo it and redo it and redo it. Finally I gave up. Stupid inanimate systems! (Instead of the carbon units, for once.)

Had a tightly scheduled Wallace-and-Gromit break last night. What was very nice was that the little community theater only a couple blocks away has started to get movies sooner than it used to, so we were able to go there to see it. It's very homey and small-towny. It was full of atmosphere, i.e. little kids mimicking the rabbit-noises and so forth. Couldn't have been a better place to see it.

[Favorite aside: book of monsters is authored by Claude Savagely.]

I did notice that the Wallace-and-Gromit Wensleydale I usually buy for a somewhat exorbitant $4.50 for an apple-sized blob has suddenly doubled in price since two weeks ago, leading me to not buy it at all! (Got a different brand.)

Now, back to grading (and probably "curving" students' midterms--they looked pretty miserable dispirited in that Personality class), then must update my CV for applications. And stuff.

I haven't forgotten that I want to finish writing about the wedding, just have not had any time for anything concerted like that.

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Andrew said...

Wallace and Grommit are high on my "to see" list, also. I understand that Wallace butters his toast with "Middle Age Spread."