Thursday, October 27, 2005

Brilliant! (If I do say so)

I'm not big on wearing my dressy work clothes (is anyone?), even though I think I look quite acceptable in them. I'm more the jeans-and-ponytail type given my druthers. But since I have four days a week working with clients and students, it means I have to come up with four dressy outfits a week.

Luckily, I have a genius plan for reducing that stress. Since the people who see me Monday don't see me Tuesday (and vice versa), and the people who see me Wednesday don't see me Thursday (and vice versa), all I really have to do is come up with two outfits for the week. (It's not like I'm lifting heavy boxes and sweating in them, after all.)

Of course, if I were truly bohemian I'd just wear the same thing all the time, and it'd be a sweater-vest and a beret.


Gwen said...

I hate dressing up. The quickest way to make me a useless employee is to put me in pantyhose - they make me stupid and listless in seconds.

Andrew said...

I've read stories about research scientists and other folks who have a closet full of all the same clothes -- i.e., 5 black pants, 5 white dress shirts, maybe 5 grey blazers -- and just wear the same thing (although clean) every day. They find something that looks good on them and just stick to that. The rationale is that it takes too much valuable time to determine if "this tie" goes with "that shirt." Personally, when it comes to a work environment, I think it's a good plan.

Riĉjo said...

I hang pants separate from shirts. I wear whichever pants are farthest to the righthand end of the bunch, and the closest shirt to the righthand side which will even roughly match with it. Belt and shoes are just whatever goes with the pants and shirt. I'm a guy, so we're only looking at three pairs of shoes anyway. Sweater, tie, and/or sportcoat if there's some reason to bump the fancy up a notch.

The idea though is that I'm simply rotating through several stacks of unequal size (randomized further by the laundry algorithm), so the combinations come out different for a long, long time. Some of the combinations are unusual which makes it look like I'm trying to be "daring" or something. Really though, I only do it to avoid the social embarassment with as little effort as possible. I grab my whole outfit in about fifteen seconds.

But Gwen... what's that about pantyhose making you "stupid and listless in seconds"?!? How does that work?