Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Today it has been my pleasure to go about the clinic whistling obscure yet catchy tunes in order to infect others with them.

For example "I've got the joy joy joy...etc.", or "On Top of Old Smokey [On Top of Spaghetti]", or even the theme to Hawaii-5-0, complete with trumpet riffs. I was very gratified to hear some poor soul also start whistling said theme a few minutes later. ("Liz!")

They oughta just be grateful I'm not singing my version of the theme for that latest Star Trek series ("I'm goin' where my pants may take me...").

I also had some pictures to upload to Flickr for you, but I'm in the clinic, where computers simply won't interface with any disk or memory stick. And I've really tried. Danged stupid things.

Anyway, the pictures involved a raccoon and my bathroom. (Not in the same picture, however.)

Maybe I'll get a chance to post them if my neighbor's wireless comes back on. Internet access has been pretty tight lately for some reason.


liz said...

Today, it's "The Wells Fargo Wagon".

Though I doubt anyone else will "catch" that song. A mite *too* obscure, perhaps.

brainhell said...

One Tin Soldier is good too