Thursday, June 09, 2005

Have managed to upload a few photos to Flickr.

This reminds me that the original reason I began blogging (back in the mists of time) was in order to post my photos with comments for friends and relatives. So how did it turn into this random journal/confessional/thingamajig? [I originally wrote "thinkamajig", and now I think I like that as a new word.]

I did two OCD assessments per phone today. They are supposed to take 30 - 45 minutes, which the first one did. However, the second one took two hours.

These people are both coming in next week for in-person interviews that usually take 2.5 - 3 hours. If the conversion holds true, will that one person's take twelve hours?

For some people with OCD, normal conversation can be difficult, particularly if they have the "just right" thing going on. That is, they have to make sure that everything they say is exactly the right thing.

That means, if I ask the question "Do you have current or past unreasonable fears that you may harm someone in some way?" Then they are compelled to parse every single word in the sentence to make sure they are saying the right answer, and not inadvertently lying, if they say "current". For example.

"Well, the last time I felt that way was last week, because I haven't been driving since last week, and it's mainly about whether I'll accidentally hit someone on the road. So I don't know if last week counts as presently. Or currently. But since last week I've been avoiding driving, so it may not count. If you mean any kind of harm at all, I also worry that I might accidentally put chemicals in my husband's food. But I won't be cooking the meals until next week. So that's more--future--than...currently. And I don't know for absolute sure if he would really be harmed if I did that anyway, so I don't know if you can call it a fear of harming someone. More a fear of possibly harming someone." --you get the idea.

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