Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Vegetarian Luncheon

The veggie lunch was a success.  I ended up making fewer items than I originally thought of, because I just ran out of time.  As it turns out, I could have skipped cleaning the bathroom as no one even went in there, but one never knows, do one?  But the place looked more or less tidy and there was plenty of delicious food.  My favorite decorating touch was the fake fireplace (a DVD plus pinon incense). Seven people showed up, so it's lucky I made a lot of food.
I made a spinach and potato frittata, and curried lentil tamales with cucumber yogurt sauce, featuring homemade yogurt. Man, that turned out to be some good sauce. Initially while researching recipes to synthesize, I was disappointed to realize that we didn't have any mint for the sauce. Then I remembered that we have mint tea, so I just opened a tea bag and used the dried mint.  For dessert we had small blackcurrant cheesecake bites and chocolate cupcakes with freshly whipped vanilla cream.  I also made spiced cider, tea, and limeade (from concentrate).
I have one of those post-effort headaches, but it was fun, regardless.  And now the house is tidied for the holiday!

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