Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Second Hand and Other Parts

I've converted my husband to the wonders of thrift shopping. When we were dating he used to shudder at the idea of wearing used clothing, but eventually he was swayed by the nice things I'd bring home for Limelet and myself for super cheap, and needing only a wash. (Heck, it's just cloth.)

Today (Wednesday is half-price clothes and shoes day) I got two nice pairs of shoes that perfectly fit Limelet for $1.50 each--one is a pair of Skechers trainers, and the other is a pair of sort of boot-shoes for winter. Both have velcro closures. I also dug through the jeans section and found myself two pairs of jeans, one kind of tight and stylish (and brand-new) and the other looser and casual. I also scouted (non-clothing) items for Friday's Total Half-Off Sale. Woo-hoo!

For anyone who may have ever resented my scrawniness in years past, now is your chance to gloat. My new jeans size is officially a 12! It feels kind of weird after being a 5-6 (long) for all those years. Being an 8 for a while was okay--I felt sturdier and more healthy. But this does feel kind of strange. It's not just the number "12" either; it's that I still go through a rack of clothes and think that certain pants look like they'll fit, but then I look at the tag and know it won't happen in a million years--that's a pair of pants for my twenties and thirties self.

I'm not really sure that I should try to lose weight, either. I'm reminded of that recent twins study that showed one huge factor in looking younger as one ages is a willingness to gain some weight (the twins who stayed thin were rated as looking significantly older). In response to Deneuve's observation, I am in fact willing to trade my ass for my face.


maddie said...


Eph Zero said...

Whoops! So that's where the weight I lost wound up. Sorry.

liz said...

You lost weight? Martha did too, so I guess I was doubly "blessed."

Eph Zero said...

Down about 13 pounds since a few months ago. Doing lots of biking, back to the gym after PT, and I cut down on one med that I think was making me gain weight.

You're absolutely right about the face thing, though. :/ But I just didn't feel good in any way at that weight.

liz said...

I gained weight with the pregnancy, but then didn't lose it--having my leg broken meant lots of sitting around doing nothing for a long time right afterwards. I can't blame any meds.

Eph Zero said...

I'm not totally sure about the meds, but it seemed suspicious. My dose was increased, and I kept gaining weight even though I was walking 6 miles on the treadmill most days. And it definitely wasn't muscle. NONE of my clothes fit anymore, which really scared me.