Thursday, December 11, 2008

Internets Advice

A friend of mine who still thinks that I am somehow internet savvy recently posed this question to me:

"My close friends from high school, mostly the wedding party at my wedding, are hoping to return to [party town] this year to celebrate [wife] and I being married for five years.  Anyway, I'm looking for a site where they can all be members, we can chat about who wants to drive, who wants to get hotel rooms, etc. . . and then possibly have an ongoing survey to see where the next get together will be.  "

Now, I'd probably just use eVite myself, because I already know about it.  But perhaps some of you have used other sites to this end and have better ideas.  I promise I'll give you full citation for the advice.


Anonymous said...


Tim said...

If you want a space with all the options of a social network (yet private) you might want to try Ning (

liz said...

The final decision (via email):

"thanks for all of the suggestions. We ended up going with - it seemed to offer what we were looking for in terms of poll options running blogs and the ability to upload pics and videos of our getogethers."

Karen the Californian said...
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