Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Beautiful, Lovely Freedom!

I have this week off, which means four (4) days free for me (about 28 hours).  This is  my first time to have a real day off where I don't have to be anywhere or get some project done (and with toddler in day care!) in over three years.  Well, actually, since I was also in grad school before that, probably since 2001.  (I wish I was kidding or exaggerating.)
I made a list last week of things I've been considering doing "on my week off." I included time estimates, which it turns out added up to about 96 hours.  So I guess I won't be doing all the things I imagined.
While blogging is one of the things I wish I had more time to do, I've been staying away from the computer for the most part, because I know I could all too easily get sucked into surfing away all 28 of those beautiful, lovely hours.  (I currently have a timer on for 10 minutes to write this!)  I have so many IRL things I want to do that I will feel terrible if the week is over and I haven't done them.
However, I may do a bit more blogging or at least emailing later this week.
Happy New Year!

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