Sunday, May 04, 2008

I'm Off

I'm flying out out to my on-site interview in a couple of hours. I'm discovering that job search out-of-state is kind of a hassle, but I am glad to have an on-site interview. The hassle will be worth it if I get it. Of course, the other candidates are probably all thinking the same thing. It will also be my first time away from Limelet overnight, which will be weird for all of us. Wish me luck on the prop-plane leg of my journey. Oh yeah, and the interview itself.


Andrew said...

My Dad was a private pilot and we flew many hours in small prop planes. They are the coolest -- the view is much better and it's a much more personal experience. Not like the "cattle car with wings" commercial aviation approach. And the pilot is often the person who did the pre-flight inspection. Can't say that about major airlines!

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