Tuesday, May 27, 2008


We planned once again to have me do my dissertation revisions one day over the weekend, but what I forgot to take into account was the fact that my office building is locked on Sundays. Especially Sundays of holiday weekends. So instead TheLimey worked on his work stuff, as he is getting to the sending-out-resumes point now, too.

I took care of a ton of house stuff that has been driving me insane. Well, it wouldn't have been considered a ton in pre-baby days, but now a half-hour of housework is an improbable dream. I did some of it when Limelet was sleeping soundly, when I should also have been sleeping. But never fear, he only sleeps so long before he stirs and needs my presence to remain asleep, so it's self-limiting.

I cleaned the bathroom, and the kitchen floor, and washed Limelet's laundry and nappies, as well as my laundry. I made couscous and froze it in cubes (for Limelet's lunches), I made his pea-and-rice dish and ditto, and I bagged and tagged some previously frozen foods. I made lemon and yogurt ice pops for the grownups (dairy, y'know). I washed dishes, I threw out some things from the fridge.

Monday we were going to play, and maybe have a playdate with a colleague's toddler, but TheLimey became horribly, horribly ill (did I mention the degree of horribleness?) with some kind of GI thing. It seemed likely not food poisoning this time for various reasons, but he was completely out of commission.

Luckily he is feeling more human today, because I have a video-conferencing interview at 10:30. I don't know what we would have done had he been that sick today. We just don't have any back-up or wiggle room. There's no way he could have taken care of Limelet. All he could do all day was to hold still and try not to throw up more.

So, it's a good thing he's somewhat better today.

I'm feeling pretty optimistic about this interview this morning, but I don't want to jinx it. Or become prematurely attached to a successful outcome and thus reduce my motivation to succeed, which is the same thing. I am trying to project an image of "Deanna Troi meets Ivy League professor" for this particular site. except my hair's not that curly.

My new snack find: Larabars. It's hard for a bar food to wow me, but these do. Especially the lemon.

*** Update:

Did I mention that Skype rocks? The site with which I interviewed was going to use AOL, but my computer here at work couldn't use it. Plus, I mean, it's AOL. I suggested we try Skype video chat, and it worked great. So hear that, HR people? You can Skype a job interview for free instead of spending $1000 to fly your candidate all over the country, flagrantly spewing emissions and whatnot.

The tele-interview went great. I am pressing my thumbs, crossing them, and all such. It sounds like they are interested and view me as compatible with their goals. At any rate they will make a decision in the next couple of days, which is good, because I grow impatient of the application process, and stressed out, too.


argotnaut said...

Oh, I'm so glad you were able to do the interview via webcam! I'm often amazed at how well Skype works, although I'm sure we'll laugh at it in 20 years. I remember the days when long-distance phone calls were a big deal and they sounded far, far away.

I like the cherry/almond and pistachio Lärabars. Oh, and they have cashew ones too, don't they? A bit more savory.

argotnaut said...

P.S. I wish Gizmo5 would get its promised Linux version out (and its Mac version fixed) because you can also use it for all of your other IM accounts instead of having video messenger + IM messenger open. Not that you would have time for such things -- heck, even I've been avoiding online time lately, and I don't really have anything going on. And I have no idea how the quality compares to Skype.

liz said...

Actually they wanted to use a regular phone for the audio portion, so I just turned off my speakers. So I don't know how the quality was, at least as far as sound.


argotnaut said...

Hmmm, I don't know why they'd want to do that. Multi-party conferencing? People have told me that audio sounds better on Skype than on my phone.

liz said...


Melanie said...

Skype does rock! I've been video-chatting with my sister and my niece is quiet fascinated by seeing her auntie Melanie on the computer screen. She tried to hand me one of her toys today. It was adorable.