Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Forty and Mossy

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That's me! Guess I'm not rolling much these days.

After looking through all the Flick'r images entitled "40", I chose this one, and only then discovered that it's an image from my husband's hometown. How odd.

I may post some others too, just 'cause I can.

I was glad to discover that the poet Rainer Maria Rilke shares my birthday, although he's some 91 years older than me, of course. (Wow, is that all?) I loved Letters to a Young Poet.

Perhaps unrelatedly, when I was small I thought I would be a poet, an artist, or a "ballet dancer" when I grew up. My mother heard me saying this to a friend and was worried because she thought I said "belly dancer".


Anonymous said...

Nothing wrong with belly dancers, unless of course they travel with the Renaissance Festival and drink until they're cross-eyed, but I guess that's fine too.

liz said...

True, but probably not in my mother's (former) view of the world.

Anonymous said...

For Your Birthday!