Monday, December 03, 2007

Food Network Ahoy

After watching some kind of Christmas cake competition (part of it, anyway), we have come up with the components sure to make a really well-received cake contest / reality show.

1. Theme: Star Wars
2. Obstacle course carrying the cake to the display table
3. Random paintballing of cake-carriers
4. On ice!

So get those Star Wars cake designs ready. I'm especially looking forward to those super-teetery ones.

On a related note, we received for our nearly-mutual birthday from Argot and Frinky the great present of a DVD of Ratatouille. Presumably because of the rats (for me), and probably also the cookery theme. We watched it several times over the weekend, and TheLimey has declared it his favorite animated film. (Frankly I think he covets the kitchen in the restaurant.) It inspired me to make cheesy spinach sauce over steamed barley, when we thought we had nothing in the place to eat.

So, thanks guys!

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argotnaut said...

Oh, I didn't even think about the cooking part. I just loved it -- it wasn't the lame-o kids' movie I thought it was going to be. Cute plot and absolutely amazing animation! It definitely made me wish that I weren't deathly allergic to rats.

I'm glad youse liked it so much! I wasn't sure if you would, or if maybe you already had it.