Thursday, August 02, 2007


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The honeysuckle is now blooming its second set of blossoms for the summer, just in time to see us off to our new home in a couple of days. This is my favorite kind of honeysuckle, the old-fashioned kind that smells so sweet and has nectar you can taste hiding in the base of the blossoms. The first year they bloomed twice, I used some from the second set in my wedding bouquet.

I can't believe I lived here for two years! It's a town that feels like everyone is just passing through. Probably due in no small part to the well-traveled highway going right through the downtown, with hardly anything going on more than 20 feet from that highway.

Nevertheless, it's the town where we were married and brought our baby home from the hospital, and where he spent most of his first year of life. Therefore I feel sentimental about the honeysuckle.

I will also miss the library, where Limelet and I spent many a happy Thursday looking at books and movies, nursing semi-secretly, and where he would take a morning nap on a soft blanket in the grass between the lovely volunteer-tended flower gardens out back as birds from the adjacent woodland sang overhead. There was almost never anyone else in the gardens; we made them ours.

We returned the last DVD of Season 2 of Lost today. That'll be the last library trip. I didn't say goodby to the library ladies who always knew where my holds were. I thought that I'd be going there to return those videos myself today, but TheLimey just ran in to drop them off as we were in a hurry.

Goodbye honeysuckle, goodbye library ladies, goodbye library flower gardens.


Karen from AMG said...

Awwwww, that reminds me of the time when my husband and I had to leave Ann Arbor for Chicagoland.

Good luck in your new home! (Where are you going?)

Tim said...

Each time I stop by and glance at your LibraryThing widget, I'm always amazed at how many books we have in common. Good luck with the move.