Wednesday, August 29, 2007

A Brief Divertissement

I can find our honeymoon photos by searching like this, but all our wedding and honeymoon photos have disappeared otherwise.  Even the set.  Other old ones have disappeared, too.
Is it because I didn't upgrade to "Pro" when my initial free account ran out?  Is it a bug?  I hope it's a bug.
I only discovered it when I tried to find the Detroit Science Center photo the schmap people were asking me about using in their schmap.
Too much work to post about it.  At internship and also home.


argotnaut said...

I think once your pro account expires, only the most recent 200 show up, and there's some limit on the number of sets. But if you go pro again, they're all still there.

liz said...

Ah yes, that explains why so many of my photos have "fallen off".

So as I'm currently posting, goodbye Christmas 2005!

Adifferentvoice said...


Thanks for the thought-provoking comment on my proto-blog, 'adifferentvoice'. I thought I'd blocked comments (wasn't quite ready ...) but yours squeezed through. Looks as if you have your hands full. Hope all goes well with your balancing act. I'm still trying to walk the tightrope, and forever finding things that knock me off balance ...