Monday, April 23, 2007

Here We Go Again...

I've been avoiding most media lately, as I'm trying to finish a first draft of my dissertation. (Which, coincidentally, is about prejudice.)

However, I can't avoid it entirely, so I have seen some coverage of the recent shooting at Virginia Tech. An issue I just knew would crop up is cropping up: references to the shooter being South Korean and how are those Koreans and Korean-Americans taking that fact, anyway?

I know, this doesn't sound so terrible. We all want to know everyone's take on this (that's the press's presumption, anyway). It's the contrast in how the issue is addressed that's always the underlying problem.

With all the White shooters we've had--and there've been a lot, haven't there?--has anyone ever seen any references to "So how is the White community taking the fact that this shooter was White?"

'Cause I haven't. This omission means a lot.

Maybe we should have been asking that.

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