Monday, April 30, 2007

Happy Beltane!

May Basket
Originally uploaded by Zsaj.
One of these years I'll have a garden of my own from which to post flower photos.

Or alternatively I'll be buying flowers and taking pictures of them!

But not this year.

Nonetheless, these lovely flowers are about my speed. When I was little, my mother told me about the May Day tradition of leaving flowers on someone's doorstep. So naturally I went out and picked wild violets and dandelions and such and made little bouquets of them, and left them in front of the doors of other apartments in our building. I think it's the closest I got to ever playing "Ding Dong Ditch."

(I won't describe to you what I did when I heard that earthworms can grow back parts of their bodies. Let's just say I'm still traumatized thinking about the results today.)


argotnaut said...

I left anonymous flowers for neighbors, too. There were definitely violets, in little paper cones. I don't know about dandelions.

liz said...


I didn't know from cones.

I think I used dandelions sparingly, as they are rather common. Queen Anne's Lace, now there was another good one.