Tuesday, March 06, 2007

First Tooth!

I think it came yesterday: I thought I heard a scraping or klonking when he was chewing on something.

And then today it registered that the sound meant there was something hard in there. A quick finger-chew revealed a bottom tooth! (But he won't let me look at it.)

So all this crankiness lately really has been towards an end. Poor little crankitor.


karen said...

Congratulations on the first toothlet! Hopefully he'll put those chompers to productive use -- biting food, not your fingers and other miscellaneous body parts.

Poor Limelet. Hopefully the subsequent teeth will come painlessly. At least relatively.

liz said...

Well, he's already nipped me a few times, though not (apparently) on purpose.

Dangit, I meant to put this post on my parenting blog, but was (once again) in a hurry and put it on this one instead.

Perhaps I'll just duplicate it.