Monday, March 19, 2007

A Brief Thought

Ever noticed that Tylenol spelled backwards is Lonely T? You probably did.

That should be a ranch or a late-night (or late-nite) diner.


Tim said...

Or a dating service. Lonely T dot com. Oh, or a country song:

Since she left me,
I've been staying at the Lonely T

Andrew said...

Next line in the country song:

To feel better, I call my ma
And drive my car:
A Toyota.

Lisa said...

How could I not have noticed that?!?

No one in a country song would ever drive a Toyota.

Andrew said...

True, but until car makers come up with a "Drof," a Toyota will have to do.

liz said...

Ditto, and ditto!

*Get out of my head!*

liz said...

Er...that reply was to Argot's comment.

liz said...

In the same vein, I also recently realized something about Tulsa. Can't believe I never noticed that before, either.

But at least it would fit into a country song, forwards OR backwards.

liz said...

So no one else got the Tulsa reference?