Friday, January 26, 2007

Interviews Done! Plus, Robot Birth

Yes, I finally had my last interview today, thanks be to the heavens.

And, magically, Limelet is actually staying asleep for his nap even though I put him down. You know, in bed.

So although the dishes need putting away, I'm highly unshowered, my dissertation is un-picked-up, and I really should eat something more for breakfast, here I am celebrating by blogging. Go figure. At least it's not Everquest.

What I really need now is a month of complete decompression. (Maybe when Limelet's 16 or so...)

In other news, I guess this was inevitable. I want to see more pictures of the robot birth! Just for the sake of comparison, you understand.

Not only is there artificial birth, but now I might as well give up on any fiction-writing pretensions at this point as well, given the development of MEXICA.

"In an Internet survey that pitted the computer-generated stories against other
computerized stories, as well as stories written solely by a human, readers
ranked MEXICA’s stories highest for flow and coherence, structure, content,
suspense and overall quality."

(Who would go on tour for author signings?)

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