Friday, January 26, 2007

And Another

I'm on a roll! In sort of way.


I really did hear an adult say this the other day. On the radio. On NPR, too, not the college "training" type station.

I also saw a teaser the other day for the local TV news that stated "housing faulters." One of those items that's confusing because it looks like it almost makes sense as it stands.


argotnaut said...

I have no idea what a housing faulter is supposed to be.

Typerope -- was this a single occurrence? Because that sounds a lot like a common speech error to me (they're anticipating the second [p] sound).

liz said...

Well, it was a single occurrence in that they only said the word once, if that's what you're getting at. Yes, it's common-- I've heard people say it many times. And I forgot to "collect" it until now!

liz said...

I thought "housing faulter" was a noun, too, at first sight (one who faults housing?), but it refers to housing (the market) FALtering.