Thursday, August 24, 2006

Silly Sausage

Speaking of recording:

I can't believe that this clip I posted in 2002 is still out there on the web. In fact, it's pretty high up the Google search for that particular sausage-related phrase. I once received an email from someone about how funny they thought it was.

It now appears to be on a completely different website than the one I originally uploaded it to--probably just site mutation over the past four years. Only five people have viewed it in four years?! Well, at least two of them gave it a high vote. (They were probably on drugs.)


Tim said...

I'm always amused by what people are searching for. Every week, I get at least one person who searched for "darren chase librarian." I have no idea why, cause I've ever mentioned anyone named Darren Chase.

Of course, now that I've mentioned it in your comments, you'll be able to join the once-a-week-darren-chase-fan-club. Congratulations.

liz said...

With the wisdom of my four additional years, I now believe that saying "you" instead of "me" in the original phrase would probably have turned out better.

Someday I'll try it again.