Thursday, December 29, 2005

A Little Help?

In the interests of promoting the production of literature.

Okay, how do these spelling variations strike you at first glance as far as how you would pronounce this name? (No overthinking allowed!)





Mark said...




argotnaut said...

The first two make me want to say "peeka," but the last seems like "pie-ka," probably because it triggers German rules in my brain.

argotnaut said...

I don't like that middle one. I can't really place it, despite my other comment. I want it to be a Russian vowel that doesn't exist in English -- sort of an uh-ee thing, kinda.

Tim said...

The first one looks like it would be pronounced pee-ka (as mentioned before).

I agree with argotnaut's last comment about the middle one. This looks like an English trans-literation of Russian. My best guess would then be that it's pronounced Pi-ya-ka.

The last one actually makes me want to say pee-ka. Though I think the middle "i" would give you more of a "y" sound.

liz said...

Well, that was certainly comprehensive. (And correlated with my own impressions, too.) Thanks!

Piika it is, then.

(I would have just gone with plain' ol' Pika, which is the word I'm taking the name from, but I think some people would say it "Pie-ka".)

I also saw this photo that looks inspiringly like the protagonist as I pictured her.