Friday, August 29, 2003

Although lately I have a heck of a time staying awake past 10pm (it's not age! It's my schedule, dangit!) last night I went to the observatory on campus to join with other nerds and view the mystic specter of Mars.

The best part was probably just the atmosphere of excitement, and being outside at night on the roof in the summer. The astronomy club had, in addition to the main scope at the observatory, several smaller scopes (they brought from home?) set up on the roof. Deck. Whatever it is.

I looked through most of them, and one of the smallest ones had the best image, even better than the ginormous one poking through the roof.

However, Mars still looked like a little glowing peach-colored blob, with a light spot on it. It felt momentous, but you wouldn't know it from what you saw through the telescope. Unless you do that sort of thing all the time, then you'd definitely know something big was going on.

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