Friday, October 28, 2011

What year is this, again?

Really, really starting to tick me off. In 2011, this should be a snap.
I just want to get some groceries and diapers for a sister in another state.

Here in Midatlanticville, I order my groceries online and then pick them up. Easy! And sometimes I buy groceries for an aunt in Wisconsin and they actually deliver them to her.

But apparently in this town in Missouri, no grocery stores do anything like this. Oh wait, Wal-mart does! [piles stuff into online cart]

--Oh, they only have non-perishables and they won't even get the items until a week from now? Huh. Well, crap, I could do better with Amazon.

So maybe I can just get her a Kroger gift card over the phone and she can pick it up and buy her own groceries? Okay!

NOPE! No over-the-phone transactions.

But hey! At least they have a Western Union station there, so I could at least wire her some money. For a hefty fee, but, whatever. [signs up on Western Union site]. So, name, address, phone number, email.

WHOA! Western Union "can't verify my information" and therefore won't send me an email to verify my...uh, information. WTF? What part don't they believe? My name? Address? Phone?

I just don't get this.


Eph Zero said...

Whaaaaat? This is ridiculous!

Eph Zero said...

I don't suppose she has a PayPal account, does she?

liz said...

Yeah, that would work fine. If she had a bank account.

I ended up physically going to Wal-mart and sending a Money-gram with cash. Suckaaa!