Friday, July 09, 2010

Heavy, But Not Very Stable / Like Something From the Bottom of the Periodic Table

Gmail keeps showing me an ad for a "4-Year Doctorite Program." ( - 4-Year Doctorite Program) But what exactly IS Doctorite? Is it
a) an element that strips one of their PhD powers by mere proximity (as my husband insists)
b) a PhD who has fallen through the academic atmosphere & burned down to a tiny fragment by the time s/he lands/graduates (as I suspect)?
Please show your work.


MC Psychologist said...

I think there is a third definition (but your husband may not like this one)
c)someone who is a Doctor and Right (and I am that kind of doctor, so no arguing about that).

liz said...

I think your thesis has merit. We'll have to debate it over a beer or three.