Wednesday, July 01, 2009

The Big Catch, Apparently

I was too busy with my busy-busy postdoc position to finish those few teensy edits on my approved dissertation, which I thought had been signed off on by the grad school. 
However--pending verification by my department head--it would appear that the sign-off by the grad school has not actually occurred until just now, when I finally had enough time to complete those edits, because my postdoc position is done. 
What does this mean?  It means this past year was actually not technically "post doc" and did not count towards licensure if I didn't have that sign-off done.  So, the postdoc sort of prevented my finishing the doc*.  Almost like I went back in time to sabotage myself!
*Yeah, I did read the fine print.  And apparently misinterpreted it.  If I'd understood the process more clearly, I'd have taken a couple weekends in October to work on it and finish.

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