Thursday, January 08, 2009

"What I Did Over Christmas Vacation"

Just so I'll remember that brief, shining week (four days) off in the months and years to come.

In no particular order, though numbered.

1. Cleaned bathroom for second time since we moved in August.
2. Opened bathroom sink u-joint (or whatever it's called) and pulled out a bunch of really gross material, then Drano-ed the sink and tub.
3. Showered most days.
4. Took a BATH one day, while reading a murder mystery, drinking a cup of hot gloegg, and using a mud mask. It doesn't get any more decadent than that, does it?
5. Built a cardboard box castle for Limelet, using these rivets .  We didn't paint it and it's different than their example, but Limelet loves it just the same. (This might be appropriate for pet havers, too.)
6. Using my new Christmas bar code scanner, I catalogued our books on Library Thing .  I still had to type in some by hand, but the scanner sure is fun.  I haven't yet added Limelet's books--maybe next year. Keep in mind that the listed books are only the ones that we brought with us or have accumulated since then; the majority are packed away in our storage unit for whenever it is we are more settled. Oh yeah; it also doesn't include all my psych books, which are in my office at work. (Wow, now that I look at them, there are a lot...)
7. Cooked dinner most days.
8. Watched a bunch of really bad or at least really old movies on VHS while doing other things. Included Buckaroo Banzai, Barbarella, The Highlander, and The Two Towers.
9. Tried to nap but was too excited about time off to fall asleep.
10. Backed up most of the important stuff from my laptop to a stack we have in the office in preparation for the refrantibulation of said laptop.
11. Fed backyard birds and squirrels frequently.
12. Wasted some time on internet, but not much.  Too precious!
12. Panicked daily about not using my first time off in three years to best effect.
13. Kept house somewhat more tidy than usual.
14. Organized all our boxes of tea into sandwich bags with tea box panels inside.

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