Wednesday, November 12, 2008


I realized today why I am already tired by the time I get to work.  

It's because I awake at 5:50, spend 10 minutes prying myself out of bed, then 10 minutes getting myself ready (Wash face! Brush teeth! Throw on clothes! Hurry hurry!), and then spend 2 very focused hours getting Limelet up and awake and ready and off to daycare.  And that's all before breakfast [Larabar], which I hork down at work as soon as I get there, usually while applying a smear of lipstick and tying my [unbrushed] hair back.

So, tiredness, I understand you.


Eph Zero said...


Oh, sorry, I got distracted.

liz said...

Yes, that Lärabar is actually a high point! I was happy to find a source here, what with the weird unfamiliar stores and all.