Friday, September 05, 2008


I've been really tired the past couple of weeks, and I can't decide if I'm more tired than I was all of last year, or if it's just more noticeable by comparison because now my husband is less tired than last year.

Factors possibly influencing my tiredness:

1. Not a single night of uninterrupted sleep for two years straight
2. New tap water doesn't have iron in it
3. Transition, new job, moving stress kind of thing
4. No (or extremely little) time that I'm not "on duty" (either job or Limelet)
5. No self-care, including no exercise / yoga or similar
6. Hurried and thus often poor eating habits
7. Just getting over a cold
8. Drained by excessive heat lately (we didn't install the AC here)

I guess I should address each one of them.

(When I have the energy and time?)


Liddy said...

OOf! Any of those things alone could do it, but all together? No wonder you're tired.

I am sending you one compulsory day off, woman. Take it.

Eph Zero said...

You are not selling me on this parenthood thing.

liz said...

If kids had an "off" switch, parents could have a day off. (And thus would be widely overused, I'm certain.)

I'm definitely not in the business of selling parenthood...I consider it more of a warning type of role!

Anonymous said...

I've been weirdly overly tired too. But I think it's from staring at a computer for 8 hours at my new job. Don't forget to send us your new address! I wanted to send you a postcard from Bisbee, dang it.
- Tracy