Thursday, August 14, 2008

We're Here

We got here; it's really beautiful. It is probably the most flippin' picturesque US city/town I've ever  seen.  

The train trip was 27 hours of hassle, but still not as bad as taking Limelet in the car would have been.  At least he slept and ate.  The really annoying part was that the first leg of the trip was changed from 4 hours of train to hours of bus--train--bus; this meant that I had to get off and on numerous conveyances wityh a toddler and all my luggage and drag it all around in the sweltering heat three times instead of just getting on a train and spreading out.  Still haven't had a chance to call Amtrak and ask for some kind of recompense as the conductor suggested we do.  We have so many different kinds of administrative crud to do--paperwork and phone calls and picking things up and dropping things off to take care of, it's insane.  Moving out of state means administrative crud, renting a new home means administrative crud, starting a new job means administrative crud, putting Limelet in two separate day care facilities means double administrative crud, and...gah.  Stuff that's impossible to do while looking after Limelet, I might add.

We love our new place a LOT, and the campus is also wonderful, historic, and treeful.  The squirrels, however, are not as friendly as I'm used to, and they are a different type, though small and cute.  TheLimey had to go out of town this week for a training thing immediately after we got here, so the place is still full of unpacked boxes and I'm on my own with Limelet.  I started my new job yesterday and therefore have internet access again there, but I don't want to overdo it right away.  The computers are Macs, so I'm a bit at sea with a lot of the hardware and basic commands, although they run virtual Windows.

Limelet is accepted into the college-run day care, but not until they move to their new location on September 1.  So he's in a chain day care place, and I don't feel very comfortable with it (day care in general and this one in particular).  Not as many workers per child as the last place, which means that when he's upset, they don't have time to comfort him.  And I hate making him have all these transitions.  He was crying his heart out when I came in to pick him up last night, and he immediately burst into tears this morning when I dropped him off.  He's had reduced appetite and digestive problems for the past two weeks from (presumably) the anxiety and stress of moving.  Home is gone, Daddy's gone (he doesn't really understand that he'll be back), day care (that he had just barely gotten used to anyway) has complete strangers in it, and he's spending longer days there.  I want to get him into the new place (which is nicer, and two blocks away from us instead of 5 miles), but it will mean yet another transition to strangers.  Poor little tyke.

Basically,  we love the place and I think it was a good move. However, we are having some culture shock and no time to even process it.

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