Monday, July 07, 2008

Stats Text

From an email I recently sent to my advisor--but I think others should know about it, too.  This is my desert-island stats book now.  (And I have bought a lot of stats texts.)
"...I highly recommend the Handbook of Univariate and Multivariate Data Analysis and Interpretation with SPSS (2006) by Robert Ho. 
I wish I had it when I started [my dissertation], or [was] even halfway through.  I will totally use it if I ever get to do any further research.  So if you have any students who are doing their theses or dissertations and are not stats experts, it's really clear and practical.  They can even look at pages of it online to see if they want to buy it, at  (Search for Robert Ho.  Within the book reader, the title page is unavailable but scroll down--lots of pages are available."

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Libby-Annabelle said...

Here's what I learned about stats in grad school: Statistics are like a bikini. What they reveal can be very interesting, but what they cover up may be crucial.

Then once I was out in the big bad world, no matter how much my little researcher heart wanted to run Chi Squares or ANOVA, paying clients wanted AVERAGES, because that's what they could understand. ACK! If I aim to shoot you once and hit 50 feet to the left, then aim to shoot you again, this time hitting 50 feet to the left, on AVERAGE you would be quite dead even though I am a completely lousy shot.

Anyway, happy number crunching.