Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Mean One

I have a proper on-site interview coming up, with the site paying for my trip and all.  Exactly which day is not certain yet, but it's narrowed down to two.  So that's good.  I considered the train as a way to bring Limelet and his Daddy too, but because the US has starved its train lines into skeletons that would be completely impractical. 
According to Google maps, the drive to the site would be 10 hours (straight through, which I wouldn't do, but anyway).  Meanwhile, taking the train would mean driving to a near-ish town in our state, taking a train to a major city in the opposite direction from my actual trip, having a layover of several hours, then taking an overnight train to a large city in the other state, then having another layover of six hours, then another train to a sort of near-ish town, then a drive to the town where the site is.  The train trip would take nearly two days. 
I am trying to imagine four days (round-trip) on and off a train with a toddler, with my job interview sandwiched in between.  Right.
We had our last supervision sessions with our supervisees recently.  My supervisee told me that when she found she had been assigned to me, she thought, "Oh, great, I got the mean one!"  Apparently the organized way I presented their training seminar, complete with handouts and other kind of OC things, led them to believe I'd be really strict.  Well, that's good.  It's better to start out mean and get nice than vice versa.
Anyway, I thought it was pretty funny, since I sometimes feel like I'm kind of a pushover.


Karen the Californian said...

Pfft, Liz, you know you're the mean one. I knew it as soon as they put you in the cubicle with me. :-)

Good luck on the interview. So are you really taking the train there?

liz said...

That's true; I can't hide anything from your keen perception!

I'd absolutely love to take the train, but I just don't have five days to go to a one-day interview. I will probably be flying, as they will pay for that anyway.